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Refuse & Landfill Fees
Residential Collection & Disposal fees are based on the number of kitchen units in the residence, such as a single-family unit, a basement rental, duplex, or multiple apartments. Each kitchen unit will have one 96 gallon Trash receptacle and one 96 gallon Recycling receptacle provided by the city of Laramie. You may use the City of Laramie for your hauler or contract a private hauler if you own a residence that has three or more units.

General & Special Collection Fees
Cart storage fee - Removal of cart from City right of way to owner's property
  • $5
Clean-up fee
  • $25
Missed collection fee (return fee)
  •  $15 per kitchen unit
Residential collection fee (Trash & Recycle)
  • $19.02 per month per kitchen unit
Roll off- 7 yard
  • $175 per dump/ $5 per day after 14 days
Uncovered and/or unsecured load
  •  $10.00 per load

Landfill Rates & Charges
 Minimum Gate Entry
  • $9.00 for city residents.   
    • $53.00 per ton             
  • $12.00 for residents who live outside city limits 
    • $63.60 per ton
Special Handling (Waste materials that are hard to handle or take extra care when handling include but are not limited to: large and bulky items such as mobile homes, campers and trailers. Items that require special attention and/or immediate cover such as asbestos, petroleum contaminated soils and large loads of dead animals may be considered Special Handling.
  •   $10.00 per load (added to charge)
 Electronic Waste--Business
  • $240 per ton
  • Free
Dead animals
  • $15.00 each
Finished Compost
  • $25.00 per ton
Refrigeration units
  • $25 per unit
  • Free
 Green Waste drop-off for grinding
  • Free
 Wood Mulch available
  • Free to the public
 Single Stream Recycling
  •  $53.00/ton  $9.00 minimum

City Hall: 406 Ivinson Ave.   |   Laramie, WY 82070   |   Ph: (307) 721-5200   |   Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm