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2015 Resolutions
2015 Resolutions
# Resolutions for 2015
  1  Mayor's appointment
  2 Vice-Mayor's appointment
  3 Appointing Members to Boards and  Commissions
  4 Designating Official Newspaper
  5 Procedure for Applying for Newly Available Retail Liquor License
  6 Certification of Planning Comm. Actions re: Future Land Use Map
  7 Appointing One Member to the Environmental Advisory Committee
  8 Appointing Two Members to the Traffic Commission
  9 Appointing Three Members to Bldg & Fire Code Board of Appeals, repealed
 10 Appointing Two Members to the Planning Commission
 11 Appointing 3 Members Bldg & Fire Code Brd of Appeals, repeals R2015-9
 12 Appointing 2 Council Members Community-wide Arts Plan Advisory Cmtte
 13 Goals& Objectives for the City of Laramie for 2015-16.
 14 App. State Lands Forestry for 2015 Com. Service Day Beautification Pjt.
 15 App. SL Forestry to Develop & Implement Community Forestry Mgnt Plan
 16 Create a judicial operations committee, approved Feb 9
 17 form Ad Hoc committee to establish Youth Council Program for Laramie
 18 Recreation Pjt Request Priorities to Albany Co. Rec Bd for funding
 19 Fed. Mineral Royalties Grant for up-sizing waterlines on Grand 13-15 St. 
 20 Lease/Option to buy equipment: Street Sweeper 
 21  Insect Mngt Program Grant ~ Mosquito Control Program
 22  Grant App USA Swimming Fond. Make a Splash Grant
 23 Appoint Alan Gardzelewski as Specail Prosecutor. 
 24 BRC Grant for Construction of UL Building 
 25 Appoint 2 Members to Downtown Development Authority Board 
 26 Grant funding Improvements to Edgar J. Lewis Bandshell, Washington Park
 27 app to FEMA for a Fire Prevention & Safety Grant
 28 Designating Depositories for City of Laramie Public funds 
 29 Transfer of Unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance Funds
 30 FY 2016 Community Partner Funding Award
 31 Support to WY Assoc. of Municipalities re: Advocacy for State Funding
 32 Appoint Holli Austin-Belaski as Special Prosecutor 
 33 Resurface, Paint & Net Replacement for 8 Outdoor Tennis Courts 
 34 International Composting Awareness Week, May 3-9 
 35 Certify Planning Comm. Action & Adopt Laramie Housing Study 2030 
 36 Transfer of Unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance Funds
 37 Designate Annual Community Arbor Day & Tree Sale Celebration
 38 Member From Council Appointed to Community Juvenile Services Board 
 38A Community Forest Stewardship Plan 
 39 Transfer of Unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance Funds
 40 Adopting Albany County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
 41 Adjust Previously Adopted Appropriations 
 42 Amend Master Free Schedule for the Parks & Recreation Dept. 
 43 Extend Mobile Home & Recreational Vehicle Park Licenses 
 44 Council Member to Board of Health & City Beautification Committee
 45 Transfer of Unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance Funds
 46 Co-Sponsorship of Laramie Jubilee Days at First Street Plaza
 47 Co-Sponsorship of Farmers Market at First Street Plaza
 48 App to WYDOT.TAP for Improvements on Ivinson Ave. for Bicycle Safety 
 49 Reimbursement to Pay for Equipment Expenditures from Lease Proceeds 
 50 Certify Planning Commission Action re: Amendments Future Land Use Map 
 51 Member to Environmental Advisory Committee 
 52 Member to Urban Systems Advisory Committee
 53 Member to Fire Code Board of Appeals.
 54 Procedure for Applying for Available Retail Liquor License, One (1)
 55 Members to the Building & Fire Code Board of Appeals 
 56 Member to Albany county Tourism Promotion Joint Powers Board 
 57 Transfer of unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance funds
 58 Lease/Option to buy equipment: Service Truck, Solid Waste
 59 Lease/Option to buy equipment: Street Sweeper, Street Div.  
 60 Lease/Option to buy equipment: Landfill Track, Solid Waste 
 61 Transfer of unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance funds Payroll
 62 Member to Laramie Regional Airport Joint Powers Board
 63 Albany County Emergency Operations Plan.           
 64 City of Laramie Art Plan
 65 Gazebo for Undine Park 
 66 Amendment to Land Use Map 
 67 Member to Downtown Development Authority Board
 68 Community Service Day, October 10, 2015 
 69 Host Senior Olympics for Summer 2018.
 70 Fire Station 2 Bay Addition 
 71 Exploratory Committee ~ Youth sports.Leisure Complex in Albany County
 72 Transfer of unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance funds Payroll 
 73 WY Bus. Committed Grant, Expansion of Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts 
 74 Transfer unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance funds Facilities.
 75 Transfer unencumbered/unexpended Appropriation Balance funds Cptl pjt.  
 76 Member to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
 77 Member to Building & Fire Code Board of Appeals 
 78 3 Members to the Planning Commission 
 79 Member to the Traffic Commission
 80 app for Loan, Grand Ave. Waterline Replacement Project 
 81 Funding the Replacement for Cottonwood Estates Waterline Replacement
 82 Amend the Future Land Use Map 
 83 Modifying the Seating Terms for Downtown Development Authority
 84 Procedure for applying for a Retail Liquor License 
 85 Phase II Grand Ave Waterline Replacement Pjt. SLIB Application
 86 Funding Cottonwood Estates Waterline Replacement Pjct, SLIB App. 
 87 Support fundraiser for Laramie Bike Park Project
 88 Make a Splash Grant Acceptance for Swimming Lesson Scholarships 
 89 4 members to Monolith Ranch Advisory Committee 
 90  Revised Conceptual Plan for Scout Park Development
 91 Grant App for Phase 3 of Scout Park Development Project
 92 Public Finance Plan for Goodwill Industries
 93 December 24 and 31 as city observed holidays 
Updated to December 18, 2015.

City Hall: 406 Ivinson Ave.   |   Laramie, WY 82070   |   Ph: (307) 721-5200   |   Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm