2019 Resolutions

#Resolution Title
1Appointing the Mayor and President of the City Council 2019-2020
2Appointing the Vice Mayor and Vice President of the City Council 2019-2020
3Appointing Council Members as Liaisons for Boards and Commissions
4Designating the Laramie Boomerang as Official Newspaper of the City of Laramie 2019-2020
5Setting the time, date, and location of all City Council Meetings
6Appointing one member to the Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
7Appointing one member to the Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
8Appointing one member to the Traffic Commission
9Appointing a member to the Planning Commission
10Appointing two members to the Downtown Development Authority Board
11Appointing Council Member to the Laramie Public Art Coalition Board
12Continuing Service Council Pilot Hill Committee
13Appointing a member to the Laramie Regional Airport Board
13Grant application for Turner Tract Detention Pond
14Budget Amendment FY2018-2020 Biennial Budget
15Budget Amendment FY2018-2020 Utility Division Budget
16Albany County Fire District #1 SLIB Grant for Fire Station 
17Appointing one member to the Civil Service Commission 
182019 Legislative Interim Study Topics
19Appointing three members to the Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board 
20Requesting amendment to House Bill 293 for University of Wyoming Student Housing Replacement Project 
21Designating Recreation Projects Priorities list to the Albany County Recreation Board for Funding FY2020
22FAILED- Rental Program
23BCity Council Goals 2019
24Appointing a Council Liaison to the Albany County Recreation Board 
25FAILED- WAM Convention 2020
26Application 2019 Emergency Insect Management Grant

Updated Last: March 21, 2019