2020 Resolutions

#Resolution Title
1Setting the Time, Date, and Location of Pre-Council Meetings, Regular Meetings, Work Session Meetings, And Public Hearings of the City Council
2Appointing One Member to the Laramie Regional Airport Joint Powers Board
3Appointing two members to the Environmental Advisory Committee
4Appointing One Member to the Albany County Tourism Board
5Adopting and Promulgating the 2019 Wyoming Region 3 Hazard Mitigation Plan
6Consent for the Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne (also known as the Cheyenne Housing Authority) to make second loans for the purchase of housing within the area of the City of Laramie, Wyoming.
7Establishing the Intent of the Governing Body to Diminish and Regulate Retail-Use Plastic Bag Waste within the City of Laramie
8Adopting Policy Goals and Objectives for the City of Laramie, Wyoming for 2020
City Council Code of Conduct Revisions

Last Modified: 1/23/2020