Meeting Seating and Public Comment

Public comments on non-agenda related items at the beginning of the meeting are limited to an aggregate of 30 minutes (3 minutes per speaker).

Resolution 2022-71, allows for the January 3, 2023 regular meeting to be held in a hybrid format for council, staff, and the public. The incoming City Council will vote to determine the format for future meetings. 

Lottery for  public comment on non-agenda related items

Lottery for public comment on non-agenda related items will be performed at 3:00 pm the Tuesday the meeting is to be held if more than 10 requests are received. Please contact the City Clerk's Office to be added to the list at 307-721-5220 or

Results will be posted below:  

March 14, 2023 Public Comment on non-agenda related items- List-Randomized (3:00 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2023)


Agenda Link: (agendas are available on Friday afternoons

Meeting Zoom Link March 16, 2023, 6:30 pm:

Council Zoom Meetings 3-21-23