Raffle Rules

Download a copy of the Official Rules HERE.

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TERMS OF PROGRAM: Drawings for $1,000 Cash will take place on Sept. 6, 13, 20, 17 and Oct. 4 and $2,500 cash prize and other Grand Prizes will take place on October 11 2021. Drawing dates are subject to change. An eligible individual can win no more than 1 prize. Albany County Public Health reserves the right to terminate or extend this promotion at any time.

ELIGIBILITY AND PARTICIPATION: The persons eligible for the drawings will be limited to living persons age 18 and older (for persons under age 18, legal guardians can authorize registration and receive prizes on their behalf), who were not temporarily present in Albany County when they received a vaccine dose, and are identified in the State's vaccine registry, as of the time of the drawing, as having received a full course of COVID-19 vaccine. Eligible persons must register for the drawing using this form.  No purchase or payment of fees is necessary for participation. Immigration status is not a barrier to eligibility. Incarcerated persons are not eligible. 

WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION: Albany County Public Health and the Vaccine Project committee members will facilitate the random selection of provisional winners from eligible participants. To do so, the Vaccine Project committee will assign numbers to participants who submitted their contact information (first and last name, phone, and e-mail), and conduct the random drawing using standard practices applicable to drawings that ensure randomness and integrity of the draw. Names and contact information will be forwarded to the Albany County Public Health, which will contact the selected persons and VERIFY the vaccine status of the individuals. 

Albany County Public Health will attempt to make contact via telephone and/or email with the persons selected in the drawing.  Should efforts to reach the winner be unsuccessful, the name of the individual will be re-entered in the raffle and another name will be drawn on the following week.   Each person contacted by email and/or phone will have until Thursday at 3pm of the week of contact to communicate with Albany County Public Health and arrange to provide proof of vaccine and pick up the prize by the following Monday.  Albany County reserves the right to publicize names of winners (or a legal guardian for individuals under age 18).  All prizes not collected will be returned to the drawing for another winner.   

The timing and degree of efforts used to locate a winner or to deem a winner ineligible based upon the terms of the program shall be at the sole discretion of Albany County Public Health.

ODDS: The odds of winning will depend on the total number of eligible persons who register for the vaccine prize raffle who are identified in the State's vaccine registry at the time of the drawing.  Publicly available data regarding the number of potentially eligible persons in Albany County may be found on the State's COVID dashboard.


Proof of age and identity must be furnished upon request.

If a winner is a minor, prizes will be released to the minor’s legal guardian. 

Albany County Public Health has the right to modify or end the vaccine incentive program at any time.

To accept and receive a prize, participants must agree to release and hold harmless Albany County Health, its employees, agents and officers from any claim, demand, judgement, award and/or any liability of any kind related to this Vaccine Incentive Public Health Program.

In the event of a conflict, these official rules supersede any applicable general rules or advertisements of the incentives program.