2022 Ordinances

#Enrolled Ordinance Title
EO.1800Amending various sections of Title 15.10, 15.12 and 15.14 of Laramie Municipal Code regarding R2, R2M and R3 Zoning District’s Dimensional Standards
EO.1801Vacating an alleyway within McCue Addition Lots 1-11, Block 1, generally located west of McCue Street, south of Lyon Street and north of Baker Street
EO.1802Adding Laramie Municipal Code Section 8.80 Related to Laramie Rental Housing Code
EO.1803Vacating a portion of Lewis Street, 11th Street, 12th Street and the Alley within and adjacent to Block 2, University Place Addition
EO.1804Amending Section 2.20 of Laramie Municipal Code Related to Board of Health
EO.1805Amending Laramie Municipal Code Chapter 2.04 to Adjust Ward Boundaries to have Nearly Equal Proportions after the 2020 Census
EO.1806Amending various sections of Title 15.10 of Laramie Municipal Code regarding permitting Family Child Care Centers and Type 2 Child Care Homes
EO.1807Amending Various Sections of Title 15.10, 15.12 and 15.14 of Laramie Municipal Code regarding R1, LR and RR Zoning Districts Dimensional Standards and Accessory Dwelling Units 
EO.1808Amending LMC 10.36.020 Related to Restrictions Regarding Stopping, Standing, or Parking of Vehicles, Trailers or RVs
EO.1809Approving the Franchise Agreement for Internet Services between the City of Laramie and Visionary Broadband, LLC
EO.1810Amending Laramie Municipal Code Section 13.78.070 Related to the City's Industrial Pretreatment Program
EO.1811Vacating Approximately a 1.09 Acre Public Utility Easement within Laramie River Business Park II, Block 8, Lot 1
EO.1812Amending Title 5.09 Alcoholic Beverages to Include the Provisions for Retail Liquor Licenses for Commercial Service Airports
EO.1813Vacating Approximately a 29,500 Square Foot Area of Right-of-Way on Lewis St, between 14th Street and 15th Street
EO.1814Amending Multiple Sections within Title 15 of the Laramie Municipal Code for the Purposes of Updating Definitions, Uses, Dimensions in City Code
EO.1815Amending LMC Chapter 10.32 – Bicycles to Update Language to Reflect Current Device Uses
EO.1816Amending Laramie Municipal Code 9.24 to Conform to State Law and Prohibit Sales of Nicotine Products including, Tobacco, Tobacco Products, and Electronic Cigarettes, to Persons Under the Age of Twenty-One (21)
Amending Laramie Municipal Code Section 8.80 Definitions and Enforcement Procedures of the Laramie Rental Housing Code
EO.1818Adding LMC Chapter 2.34 – Laramie Urban Renewal Agency

Last Modified: January 3, 2023