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These resources are located or available nationally or statewide, rather than at the Laramie level specifically.

Business Admin/Assistance

These resources help business owners with the knowledge, funding, and expertise to start and grow their businesses.
  • Business Resource Guide-The Wyoming Business Council provides information and resources for business owners and startups in Wyoming.
  • Business Resources Network- UWYO-The University of Wyoming has partnered with others to provide a number of resources to Wyoming startups and established businesses, helping them to grow and evolve.
  • Impact 307-Impact 307 is an incubation resource designed to help business founders achieve their goal of successful business ownership.
  • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)-With SCORE, business owners can get advice, training, and more from experienced business professionals.
  • Small Business Administration District Office-The Small Business Administration can help small businesses in every stage of their journey, from planning a startup to growing an established business.
  • USA Gov- Business in Wyoming- This government resource can provide information on starting your business, financing your business, and contracting .
  • Wyoming Apex Accelerator- A Wyoming Resource that helps small businesses learn about and follow through on bidding and receiving government contract work.
  • Wyoming Department of Agriculture -Wyoming's Department of Agriculture has a variety of information that is important for businesses within the agriculture industry.
  • Wyoming Department of Family Services-The Wyoming Department of Family Services has a large variety of resources that can help families who require assistance, such as childcare for potential business owners.
  • Wyoming Library to Business-The Wyoming Library to Business is a resource in many local Wyoming libraries that helps Wyoming citizens learn about many aspects and strategies for business ownership.
  • Wyoming SBDC- The Wyoming SBDC has made it their mission to help Wyoming small businesses, from starting a business to government contracting.
  • Wyoming Secretary of State-The Wyoming Secretary of State's office has provided a list of different forms and paperwork business owners need to know and have access to.
  • Wyoming State Library-The Wyoming State Library has a number of educational resources for business owners and those who want to start a business in Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Women’s Business Center-The Wyoming Women's Business Center educates and empowers individuals who own or are starting a business, with an emphasis on Wyoming women.

Elected Officials

These elected officials help Laramie businesses have a voice in the federal legislative process to ensure they have the rules in place to succeed.

Governor Mark Gordon- Mark Gordon is the governor of Wyoming, and his website provides insight into state budgets and the direction the Wyoming economy is headed.

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray- The Secretary of State's webpage has a number of helpful resources for Wyoming businesses, such as registering a business for example.

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis- Webpage for Senator Cynthia Lummis, who represents Wyoming in the U.S Senate.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso- Webpage for Senator John Barrasso, who represents Wyoming in the U.S Senate.

Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman- Webpage for Congresswoman Harriet Hageman, who represents Wyoming in the U.S House of Representatives.


These resources have information for employers and employees about a number of employment resources and policies.
  • Federal Employer ID Numbers-This resource is where businesses can apply to be a recognized business entity, as well as a number of other tax related actions, such as filing for tax exemption or change of business structure.
  • Workforce Development Training Fund-The Workforce Development Training Fund is a grant writing program in Wyoming that funds employee professional development and skill attainment.
  • Wyoming Unemployment Services-The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services provides information and resources for business owners and their employees such as unemployment insurance.
  • Wyoming Workforce Services-The Department of Wyoming Workforce Services provides grant resources and information, apprenticeship information, and other information that is helpful for business owners.


These resources provide information about environmental conservation and responsibility.
  • Environmental Protection Agency(WY)-The EPA has information about environmental regulations and their enforcement in the state of Wyoming, as well as forms to report incidents and general environmental information for the state.
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality-The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality provides resources and information about environmental regulations for businesses and ways to minimize impact on the environment.

Labor Laws/Compensation

These resources help business owners stay aware of their responsibilities to their employees and the labor policies in place.


These resources provide information and access to paperwork and organizations for licensing and permitting as a business.

Loans/ Funding

These resources will help small business owners find funding and loaning options in Wyoming.

Patent/Trademark Info

These resources allow for technology transfer, as well as patenting or trademarking intellectual property.

Professional Services

Below are several resources for a variety of professional industries in Wyoming.
  • Board of Nursing-The Wyoming State Board of Nursing provides countless resources for Wyoming professionals in the nursing field, such as forms, statistics, licensing, verification, and more.
  • Oil and Gas Commission-The Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission provides resources for Oil and Gas workers and employers such as forms, policies for the industry, data about the industry, and more.
  • Public Services Commission-The Wyoming Public Services Commission regulates public utilities in Wyoming, and provides information about these utilities which include electric, gas, water, telecommunications and more.
  • Real Estate Commission-The Wyoming Real Estate Commission regulates real estate sales in Wyoming, and provides information about real estate licensing and regulations for realtors.
  • Wyoming Arts Council-The Wyoming Arts Council provides information on different art programs, grants, partnerships, and more.
  • Wyoming Bar Association-The Wyoming Bar Association provides a large variety of information for lawyers throughout Wyoming, as well as individuals who would like to dispute charges or file complaints. 
  • Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants-The Wyoming Board of CPA's provides a variety of resources for accountants in Wyoming, including forms, regulations, verification, and many more.
  • Wyoming Community College Commission-The Wyoming Community College Commission provides resources for colleges as well as those attending, such as policies, data, information about initiatives, and more.
  • Wyoming Insurance Department-The Wyoming Department of Insurance regulates insurance companies in Wyoming, and provides a list of companies, legal policies, resources for consumers, and other resources as well.
  • Wyoming Water Development Commission-The Wyoming Water Development Office oversees water and other resources across Wyoming, and provides information about their agency, what they regulate, consumer resources, and more.

Supply Chain

These resources help with supply, manufacturing, and more involved in every step of the supply chain.
  • Connex Wyoming- A searchable supply chain database that can help businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Wyoming Trucking Association-An association of truckers in Wyoming, giving businesses the opportunity to form partnerships with valuable suppliers that could be beneficial to ensure products are available for local businesses.
  • Wyoming Manufacturing Works- A resource that helps manufacturers find customers and suppliers across Wyoming and beyond.

Tax Requirements

These resources help business owners with taxes, and with information about benefits of being a Wyoming business owner.
  • IRS Forms-This resource provides numerous tax documents, both for business owners and their staff.
  • IRS Taxpayer Assistance-The IRS provides in person locations where business owners or individuals can receive assistance with their tax documents. Also, this resource gives the option to file an appeal, report fraud, and access information.
  • Wyoming Business Incentives-The Wyoming Business Council provides information about the benefits of starting or operating your business in Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Department of Revenue-The Wyoming Department of Revenue provides information about Wyoming specific regulations and laws for taxes, including for Wyoming business owners.

Workplace Safety

These resources provide information for business owners to stay informed on Wyoming workplace safety measures.
  • Wyoming OSHA-Wyoming's Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides information about regulations, safety programs, regulation enforcement, and ways to contact them for more information or to report an issue.

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