THRIVE Survey Results and Resources

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The City of Laramie, in conjunction with the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, conducted surveys in the community to understand how businesses are struggling, and what resources would help alleviate these issues. These are the three problem areas that were identified, with resources custom tailored to these issues.

Top Three Areas that Resources are Needed:

Laramie businesses reported these three areas to be the most in need of resources, according to city survey data.
  • New Clients/ Retaining Clients-With additional resources to help Laramie businesses reach new clientele and retain their current client base, our local businesses can grow and develop in their respective industries, benefitting the whole city.
  • New Staff/Employment-Accessible resources that provide means of recruitment and information on best practices for hiring can help Laramie businesses find their newest employee, and help Laramie residents find their next job.
  • Supply Chain Issues-Resources connecting buyers to suppliers or helping to educate business owners on all aspects of the supply chain, will help Laramie businesses provide top level services and products to their customers.

New Clients

Below are resources that can help Laramie businesses, old and new, in finding new clients and retaining them.
  • Laramie Chamber Business Alliance-The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance helps bring in new businesses to Laramie, and provides resources to ensure they succeed in order to encourage economic development for the City of Laramie. Furthermore, they can help foster successful business practices that will be sure to draw in customers.
  • Laramie Main Street Alliance- The Laramie Main Street Alliance helps advocate for and ensure success of many Laramie small businesses, and can help market businesses to find clients/customers. Their services are free for downtown business, allowing all downtown businesses to access their services.
  • Small Business Development Center-The Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network provides resources that can help fund businesses or startups, educate business owners on successful expansion or development, and educate on government contracting. They can help to provide competencies and resources to retain and draw in new clients.
  • Wyoming Women Business Center-The Wyoming Women's Business Center provides counseling, training, and micro-financing for startups and established businesses, helping further equality and teach skills to bring in customers and keep them.

Employment and Recruitment

Below are resources to help Laramie business owners find staff for their businesses and build their skills to retain them.
  • Workforce Services-The Wyoming Workforce Services Business Training and Support Unit helps businesses and organizations receive funding through grants and other means to help train and build competencies and skills amongst business owners and their employees, helping retention and fostering a competent business culture.
  • LCBA Newsletter-The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance provides excellent publicity for the businesses of Laramie, and their newsletter is an excellent opportunity to gain attention from prospective employees.
  • University of Wyoming Jobs-A job board of University of Wyoming jobs, both benefitted and non-benefitted for students and non-students alike.
  • City of Laramie Jobs-A job board to work with the City of Laramie.
  • Wyoming at Work-A job board for employers to post job listings state-wide, giving Laramie businesses reach to employ Wyoming citizens from all over the state.
  • Express Employment Professionals- A staffing company offering varying levels of staffing such as temporary, permanent, and contract. Their office is located in Laramie, Wyoming providing easy access for job seekers as well as businesses hiring staff and workers.

Supply Chain

Below are resources to help educate business owners as well as give them the power to participate in the supply chain.
  • Wyoming Trucking Association-An association of truckers in Wyoming, giving businesses the opportunity to form partnerships with valuable suppliers that could be beneficial to ensure products are available for local businesses.
  • Connex Wyoming- A supply chain database helping manufacturers create a database for supply chains nationally
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