Liquor Licenses

New license or transfer of license application.

Please call and make an appointment with the Clerk’s Office (Phone: 307-721-5220) before applying for or transferring a license to ensure that all relevant documents will be included with the application. This form is available through the State Liquor Division or in the City Clerk’s Office.

Annual renewal of an issued liquor license. 

This form is available though the City Clerk’s Office. Please email the City Clerk for more information.

Minors are allowed in certain establishments within the City of Laramie

See the list of where minors are and are not allowed.  Please email the City Clerk for more information. 

24-Hour Malt Beverage, Alcohol Catering, Malt Beverage and Open Container Permits

A 24-hour permit is required to sell or serve alcohol in many situations in the City of Laramie. For more information and to apply for one of these permits, visit the Special Event Permits page.

Tavern Meetings Required for Liquor License Holders 

LMC 5.09.105.H. Each licensee or their designated representative are required to attend two tavern meetings per license year prior to the renewal of their license. Failure to comply with this section is subject to a violation of the point system as outlined in LMC 5.09.800.

Meeting time, date, and location are being determined and will be posted as set. 

Meeting agenda and recordings

Missed Tavern Meeting Form

Alcohol Server Training Requirements

LMC 5.09.105.G. Each licensee and all managers, supervisory personnel, and all persons who will be selling, serving or managing the sale of alcoholic beverages employed at the licensed premises shall complete an alcohol server training program certified by the Wyoming liquor division within 90 days of employment. Licensees shall maintain, upon the premises, a current list of applicable employees/participants with their date of hire/service, dates of orientation training and successful completion of the division’s approved training program including any required continuing training. The list shall be available for inspection by the City Clerk or City Manager’s designee within a reasonable time period. Upon application for liquor license or renewal of a liquor license, a license holder shall submit an annual report to the city clerk on completion orientation training or of an alcohol server training program by the licensee or persons who will be selling, serving or managing the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Information Sheets for Liquor Licenses for Annual Licenses 

Information Sheets for Liquor Licenses for Temporary Permits for Special Events  

Wyoming Liquor Division

Wyoming Liquor Division will review all applications received for liquor licenses. They will activate accounts with Liquor Division warehouse upon approval of application by City Council. 

  • Local Licensing Authority Liquor License Application- New or Transfer
    Applications must be completed and turned in with appropriate documents to the City Clerk.

For more information visit their website