Community Partners

The Laramie Police Department would like to thank its community partners for their continued support.

University of Wyoming Police Department:

The University of Wyoming Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency serving the University of Wyoming here in Laramie. To learn more, visit:

Laramie Interfaith:

Laramie Interfaith is a community organization that partners with other organizations in the community to provide services and resources to individuals who are homeless or food insecure. For these resources, visit:

Laramie Main Street Alliance:

Laramie Main Street Alliance is the voice for Downtown Laramie, helping businesses, residents and consumers in ensuring Downtown Laramie thrives. To see what they do and the different resources they offer, visit: 

Laramie Soup Kitchen:

The Laramie Soup Kitchen provides nutritious hot meals and social interaction to those in need, as well as information about resources for those who are in need. To learn more about the Laramie Soup Kitchen, visit:

Laramie Police Department Foundation: 

The Laramie Police Department Foundation supports the Laramie Police Department's efforts in keeping the community safe, primarily through philanthropic and fund raising efforts. To learn more about this organization, visit:

Laramie Connections: 

Laramie Connections is a local faith-based non-profit that provides numerous resources to low-income, food insecure, older and other groups in Laramie. They provide volunteer services, and many others. To learn all Laramie Connections has to offer, visit:

Big Brothers Big Sisters:

Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters provides mentorship to children in Wyoming through volunteer adult mentors, in order to provide positive adult figures in children's lives. The Laramie Police Department participates in a program hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters called Bigs with Badges, in which officers will be serving as mentors for children in the Laramie community. To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit:

United Way of Albany County:

United Way of Albany County is a non-profit that partners with and raises funds for numerous community organizations. To learn about their fundraising efforts and community partners, visit:

Albany Community Health Clinic:

Albany Community Health Clinic works to educate health care providers and provide the best medical care possible for all, regardless of ability to pay. To learn more about the Albany Community Health Clinic, visit:

SAFE Project:

The SAFE Project is a Laramie non-profit that supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and family violence. They provide legal, emergency, and safety resources. To learn more about the resources they offer or to speak to someone from the SAFE Project, visit:

Albany County Sheriff's Office:

The Albany County Sheriff's Office serves all of Albany County, providing law enforcement services to multiple towns and across thousands of square miles. To learn more about the ACSO, visit:

Coalition to Prevent Suicide and Substance Abuse (COPPSA): 

COPPSA is a resource in Laramie that partners with multiple organizations to provide suicide prevention and substance abuse resources. To learn more about these resources or if you are struggling from these things, please visit: