Stormwater Focus Group

Mission of a Stormwater Focus Group (SWFG)

  1. Provide advice and input into identifying the problems, needs, and issues facing the community resulting from stormwater runoff.

  2. Assist in establishing priorities for stormwater services in the Municipality.
  3. Provide advice on level and extent of stormwater service, investment in the capital improvements program, approach to water quality protection services, and other key policies that should guide the stormwater management program.
  4. Review policy options on stormwater funding mechanisms including user fees and provide perspective/insights.
  5. Provide feedback to staff regarding the dedicated funding needed to address stormwater services.

Group Resources

City Drainage Studies

Laramie City-Wide Master Drainage Plan

North Laramie Drainage Master Plan

South Laramie Drainage Master Plan

West Laramie Drainage Master Plan

December 14, 2023 Meeting 


Power Point Presentation

Meeting Minutes

Stormwater Glossary and Acronyms

Stormwater Funding Feasibility - Background on City Stormwater Services

Issues and Challenges

Recommendations for Improvements in Stormwater Management Costs

Green Infrastructure Background