Division Responsibilities & Services

The Planning Division has two major functions: development review and long range planning.

  • Development review: The development review function entails reviewing and processing subdivision and zoning applications, planned unit developments (PUDs), conditional use permits, variances, and zone changes. Applications are reviewed for compliance with the Wyoming State Statutes, the Laramie Municipal Code, and other City development standards. Many applications are forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council for consideration and final action.
  • Long-range planning: The long-range planning function entails writing and updating documents pertaining to the physical development of the City, including zoning ordinances, subdivision and development standards, special corridor plans, and the Comprehensive Plan. Long-range planning documents are formulated through a public process in collaboration with stakeholder groups and committees, the Planning Commission, and the City Council.

Additionally, the Planning Division administers land use regulations in the City including zoning, subdivisions, variances, conditional uses, PUDs, annexations, and long-range planning. The division also serves as staff to the Planning Commission and advises the City Council concerning urban planning, land use studies, urban renewal plans, and other types of planning studies; and in connection therewith to perform technical services. The division also hears and decides appeals of abatement orders to adjust or reverse the determination of any administrative official if necessary and not injurious or detrimental to the public welfare.

Public participation is an important aspect of all City of Laramie processes and projects. Depending upon the type of process or application, each may have a different degree of public participation opportunities. no matter the process your input is always encouraged! If you would like to provide a comment related to any current process or project, or just have a question about how to be involved please contact the Planning Division here.

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