Applications, Fees & Submittal Schedules

2023-2024 Submittal Dates & Review Schedules

Site Plan Review, Minor Land Division, Lot Line Adjustment, Lot Consolidation and Final PUD: 30 days after submittal of a complete application. [LMC secs. 15.06.060.O.3.e.(i); 15.06.060.Q.3.e.(i); 15.06.060.R.3.e.(i); 15.06.060.C.6.e.(i)]

Other Related Information

Code Administration Permits / Applications

Applications related to Building and Sign Permits can be found on the Code Administration Page or by visiting the following website:

Engineering Division Applications

Applications related to Engineering (Street Closure, Modification to Parking / Traffic Control, Right-of-Way Obstruction, Grading Plan, etc.) can be found on the Engineering Division Page or by visiting the following website:

Additional Engineering Studies, standards, and RFQs can be found on the engineering resources page. 

***NOTE: New Engineering Standards have been updated as of 2/8/2023.  Please review to ensure application compliance with these standards.***

Special Event Permits

Applications related to Special Events can be found on the Special Events Page or by visiting the following: website:

Public participation is an important aspect of all City of Laramie processes and projects. Depending upon the type of process or application, each may have a different degree of public participation opportunities. no matter the process your input is always encouraged! If you would like to provide a comment related to any current process or project, or just have a question about how to be involved please contact the Planning Division at:

Note: The information found on this page is what is known as the "Administrative Manual".