Landfill Fees

Landfill Fees

The Laramie Landfill is located at 162 Roger Canyon Road. For your convenience the Landfill accepts cash, check, credit cards (Discover, Visa or MasterCard) and account customers. To set up an account please call Utility Billing at 721-5200.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) $63.00 per ton
$12.00 minimum (up to 380 lbs)
Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D) $63.00 per ton
$12.00 minimum (up to 380 lbs)
Green Waste Drop-off
(Items over 18'' diameter and/or over 10' long may be charged special handling)

​Single Stream Recycling Drop-Off
$63.00 per ton
$5.00 minimum
Dead Animals $78.00 per ton
$15 minimum
Refrigeration Units $30.00 Each
Business Electronic Waste $360.00 per ton ($0.18 per pound)
Residential Electronic Waste Free

Uncovered and/or Unsecured Load
$10.00 per ton (add on fee)
$10.00 minimum
Special Handling
(Includes large items and items that require special attention or immediate burial)
(Green waste over 18'' in diameter or longer than 10' may be charged)
$15.00 per ton (add on fee)
$15.00 minimum

Finished Compost available to the public
$25.00 per ton
$1.00 minimum
Metal drop-off Free
Wood Mulch available to the public Free
Auto and light truck tires
Heavy truck and light industrial tires
Heavy equipment tire
Mounted, solid or foam filled
$4.00 each
$10.00 each
$75.00 each
Double the fee