Residential Trash & Recycling Collection Fees

Fees for Trash & Recycling Collection

Residential Collection fees are based on the number of kitchen units in the residence, such as a single-family unit, a basement rental, duplex, or multiple apartments. Each kitchen unit will have one 96 gallon Trash receptacle and one 96 gallon Recycling receptacle provided by the city of Laramie.

Residential collection fee
(includes once per week trash pickup and every other week recycling pickup)
$21.64 per month
Additional Trash Cart $17.16 per month
Additional Recycle Cart $4.48 per month
Cart storage fee - Removal of cart from City right of way to owner's property $5.00
Clean-up Fee - Spilled or overflowing trash cart $25.00
Missed Collection Fee (return fee) $15.00
Roll-off - 7 yard
$5.00 per day additional after 14 days without a dump

​$200/ dump