Municipal Elections

2024 City Council Municipal Elections 

Ward Boundaries 

Laramie Municipal Code 2.04

Enrolled Ordinance No. 2042, adopted on April 5, 2022. Sets amended ward boundaries to nearly equal proportions after the 2020 Census. 

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Important Dates

Filing Period for candidacy: May 16-31, 2024 (applications can only be accepted by the City Clerk during this time frame) 

Primary Election Date: August 20, 2024 
General Election Date: November 5, 2024
Municipal Candidate Filing Period: May 16-31, 2024

2024 Key Election Dates Flyer

Statement of Contributions and Expenditures Due: 

Primary Election: Contributions & Expenditures- 7 days before the Primary: Aug. 13, 2024 
General Election: Contributions & Expenditures- 7 days before the General: October 29, 2024

For a list of candidates filed please refer to Albany County’s website

Applying for City Council

The following qualifications are required to apply for a council seat. 

  • Must be a registered voter.
  • Must reside within the City of Laramie
  • Laramie Municipal Code 2.04 - City Council  
  • Please ensure that (taken from Municipal Offices Application for Nomination by Primary form): 
    • You are not holding an office which may conflict, or be incompatible, with the office for which you are filing. 
    • Your employment is compatible with the office you are seeking.
    • Candidates for municipal office must be a registered voter and a resident of the municipality and ward which he seeks to represent (W.S. 22-23-301) and will have resided in said ward for at least one (1) year next preceding his election if so elected. (W.S. 22-23-103(b)). In a General Election year in which city wards are redrawn due to redistricting, a person may be a candidate if they are a resident of the city on the day they file their application for nomination, and have been a resident of the city for at least one (1) year preceding their election. (W.S. 22-23-103(c)). 
    • Pursuant to W.S. 6-10-106, a person convicted of a felony is incompetent to hold any office of honor, unless he has had a complete and full restoration of rights, not just voting rights. If you have any questions regarding your ability to hold office, please ask the County Clerk for clarification. 
  • At the time of appointment to the City Council, may not be a City employee or hold an office that may conflict or be incompatible with the office of City Council. 

Applicant General Information (updated forms coming soon)
Council Commitment Overview

Completed applications must be turned into the City Clerk's Office at 406 Ivinson Ave in person. Please call us at (307)721-5220) to schedule an appointment or when you arrive at City Hall. 

2024 City Council Elections

For absentee ballots, voter registration, polling locations, filing for election of any office other than City Council, or any other assistance with the 2024 primary and general elections...please visit the County Clerk website or their office at 525 Grand Avenue Suite 202.

Applications for election to City Council are due in the City Clerk’s Office between May 16 and May 31, 2024.  

The Statement of Contributions is due to the County Clerk’s Office no less than 7 days before the primary and general elections.  (updated forms coming soon)

The Statement of Contributions and Expenditures is due to the County Clerk’s Office no later than 10 days after the primary and general elections. (updated forms coming soon)

For complete information regarding the rules for running for City Council, please see the County Clerk’s website or call Albany County Elections at 307-721-2546.


Sample ballots will be available at the County Clerk’s Office.

Additional Resources: 

Wyoming Secretary of State Elections webpage
Albany County Election webpage
2022 Campaign Guide (updated 2024 Campaign Guides coming soon) 

Election Sign Compliance 

LMC 15.14.120.C.2.r. Election signs that do not exceed thirty-two square feet in sign display area and seven feet in sign height, and are not located in any public right-of-way.

Political Signs Information

Please also see information in the 2024 Campaign Guide for the distances signs must be from polling and election offices. 

2022 Municipal Candidate Filing (as of May 27, 2022, 5:00 pm)

Laramie City Council 

Ward 1: 

  • Allison Cunningham, Text message or email only please Phone: (307)315-1484, Email:
  • Frederick J. Schmechel, Phone: 307-630-6424, Email: 
  • Micah Richardson, Phone: 307-223-5710, Email:

Ward 2:

  • Brandon Newman, Phone: (785)592-0681, Email:
  • Laurence Brett ("Brett") Glass, Phone: (307)745-0351, Email:
  • Ray Kasckow, Phone: 307-274-8948, Email:
  • Christopher Dixon, Email: 
  • Michael Armagost, Phone: 307-761-3159, Email:

Ward 3:

  • Joe Shumway, Phone #307-760-6191, Email: 
  • Erin O'Doherty, Phone #307-223-9295, Email:
  • Eric Woltkamp (withdrew candidacy on June 15, 2022)
  • Bern Haggerty, Phone #360-920-3153, Email: (write-in candidate)

For more information on candidate filing please visit the Albany County Candidates web page. 

Primary Election Results (Candidates who will appear on the General Election Ballot) Official Results

Ward 1: 

  • Micah Richardson, Phone: 307-223-5710, Email:
  • Allison Cunningham, Text message or email only please Phone: (307)315-1484, Email:

Ward 2: 

  • Brandon Newman, Phone: (785)592-0681, Email:
  • Laurence Brett ("Brett") Glass, Phone: (307)745-0351, Email:

Ward 3: 

Election Results can be found on the Albany County website

General Election Results (Official Results)

Ward 1: Micah Richardson

Ward 2: Brandon Newman 

Ward 3: Joe Shumway and Erin O'Doherty 

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