Recent Ordinances

Please visit the Municipal Code of Laramie, Wyoming website for the codified version of the LMC. The website is updated once a year. Recent changes to the Laramie Municipal Code are listed below by ordinance number. For questions on LMC, email the City Clerk's Office.

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Pending Ordinances by Council

  • Original Ordinance No. 2041, Amending LMC Chapter 10.32 Related to Bicycles by adding References to Electric and Motor Assisted Bicycles, Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, and Electric Scooters. Third and Final Reading. (Introduced by O'Doherty)
  • Original Ordinance No. 2051, amending various sections of Title 15 for the purposes of updating definitions, uses, dimensions and design standards in city code. Third and Final Reading. (Introduced by Pearce)
  • Original Ordinance No. 2052, amending LMC 9.24 to conform to state law and prohibit sales of nicotine, including but not limited to tobacco, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes, to persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years (First Reading and Introduction on November 1, 2022)