Cirrus Sky Technology Park

Laramie is home to a sizable and growing technology cluster of more than 60 companies. These technology firms project they will add more than 100 new jobs in the next five to eight years. We're not a silo of activity - a strong regional synergy has developed in the last four to five years between Laramie's burgeoning technology cluster, the University of Wyoming, and Cheyenne's NCAR (Wyoming's super-computing center), and the Microsoft Data Center. This unique palette of amenities has culminated in southeastern Wyoming evolving into a desirable environment for data centers, technology businesses, and research and development firms.

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Cirrus Sky Technology Park Development Plan (.PDF)

CSTP May 29th, 2013, Public Presentation (.PDF)

CSTP May 29th 2013, Public Comments (.PDF)

CSTP September 27th, 2012 Open House Invitation (.PDF)

CSTP September 27th, 2012 Open House August Mailing List (.PDF)

CSTP September 27th, 2012 Open House September Mailing List (.PDF)

LEDC Announces WBC Approves Full Grant Request 12_7_2012 (.PDF)

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Neighborhood Open House 9-27-12

Presentation to Neighborhood Open House 9-27-2012 (.PDF)

Press Release 9-20-12

Press release 10-4-12

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