Jury Duty

Did you receive a Juror Questionnaire?

Jurors are randomly selected from voting and drivers’ license records of Laramie residents. This list is provided to the Laramie Municipal Court through the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office.

Wyoming State Statute §1-11-104 provides: “A juror may not be excused for trivial cause or for hardship or inconvenience to his business, but only when material injury or destruction to his property or property entrusted to him is threatened, or when his health or the sickness or death of a member of his family requires his absence. A person may be excused at his request if he is over seventy-two (72) years of age. A person may be excused from jury duty when the care of the person’s young children requires his absence. Any person who has served on a jury shall, upon request, be excused from further jury service in that court for the remainder of that jury term and in the discretion of the court may be excused from jury service for the following jury term.”

Automatic exemptions from Jury Duty include:

  • If you are seventy-two (72) years of age or older
  • If you are salaried member of a police or fire department
  • If you are an elected public official
  • If you live outside the city limits of Laramie
  • If you are a convicted felon
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen
  • If you are an undertaker

If you want to request an exemption, please fill out pages two and three of your questionnaire. The Judge will review your request and you will receive a letter stating whether the Judge has granted or denied your request.

You will be notified one week prior to the Jury Trial if your services as a juror are required. Jury Trials are held on Wednesdays at 8:30 am. These trials typically last one day however the trial could go until late evening or even the next day. The court can provide you with a letter excusing you from work or school to serve on the jury.

If you have been selected to for the year long term, you need to notify us if you are going to be out of town or if you are permanently moving outside the city limits of Laramie.