Laramie Recreation Fitness Programs

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Fitness Class Pricing

Member Drop-In Included in membership
Non-Member Drop-In $8 per class

Fitness Classes Passes offer members an incredible value!

Core Fitness Drop-in classes are a part of your membership! No need to pay extra for our regular drop in classes when you have a One Month, Month to Month or Annual Membership. Monthly Group Fitness Schedules will be posted outside both Studio A & the Revolutions Studio, available at the front desk, and posted on the City of Laramie website.

There is no class minimum, however classes typically fill up quickly and spots may not be guaranteed. If you have questions about our new fitness class price options please call The Recreation Center at 721-5269.

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Fitness Class Offerings

Body Power Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. Body Power is a strength training class that focuses on low weights with high repetition. Join Susie for a workout that challenges all your muscle groups as you lift, squat, and curl to the best music.
Hardcore TBT This class is a full body challenge focusing on functional body movements and over-all body strength. Weight exercises, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumb bells are just some of the equipment used. This class is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and experience.
Tabata Tabata training, also known as the Tabata Protocol, is new type of high intensity interval training designed to get your heart rate up in that very hard anaerobic zone for short periods of time. The reason? This type of workout helps you burn more calories both during and after your workouts.
Pilates Pilates works to strengthen the internal stabilizing muscles of your body so that your posture, balance and core strength all improve. Pilates is great for athletes, active older adults, women rebounding from pregnancy, dancers, people at various stages of physical rehabilitation or anyone who wants a core-focused workout.
Revolutions Together you and your instructor take a ride; but be prepared for a workout. Hills, flats, turns, sprints and races are all simulated for a truly fantastic high calorie burning and cardiovascular class. We recommend padded bike shorts, a towel and water. Be ready to Sweat! Pedals accommodate SPD style cleats or regular shoes.

    Kickstarter Revolutions: Haven’t tried revolutions before? This is a great class to get started! Go at your own pace and learn the fundamentals with our experienced instructors! They are here to welcome you into a great way to burn calories and have fun!

    Early Bird Revolutions: Looking to get your workout done first thing in the morning? This class is perfect for you! Join us for Early Bird Revolutions to start your day on the right REVOLUTION! Get up early and get your day going! This class is designed to wake you up!
    Power Revolutions: This class is short and sweet! For 45 minutes, you will work hard and have fun! Our lively instructors are going to push you towards a better you! Join us after work to get the perfect workout before you end your day!
    Beat Revolutions: It's all about moving those muscles to the "beat".  You can burn 500-800 calories in this class that includes upper body work with weights while driving those cycling legs. The music is the key to your motivating, low impact, power-packed workout!

Shallow Water Aerobics Join us in this fun low impact water workout. Increase your balance, flexibility and strength as you move through the water. All are welcome!
Step Aerobics
“Step” right into these easy to follow choreographed routines, shake up your cardio workout and have some fun.  This workout flies by as you step, kick and turn in time with energizing music. Classes will include a short toning portion using hand weights and core focus.
Social Step It's more than just stepping when you are welcomed into a fun and dedicated group. Get your cardio on with upbeat music and fun routines. But that's not all; add weight training and floor work that could include weights, tubes, balls, and any other of the latest tools!
Masters Swim Club
This class provides participants the opportunity to improve their swim stokes and fitness levels. Organized workouts, give adults the opportunity to get in a great workout while learning the drills and skills to improve their strokes. Open to all swimmers who want to improve their fitness through swimming.
XaBeat XaBeat is a dance-fitness program where participants sculpt their bodies and burn calories in a party like atmosphere. Easy to follow routines are designed to provide every participant with a great workout and a sense of accomplishment. Making fitness fun allows XaBeat participants the opportunity to reshape their bodies, create community, achieve fitness goals and increase their self-confidence all while dancing.
“De-Stress & Relax” bring balance to your hectic and fast paced life. Therapeutic in nature, yoga will help you increase flexibility and balance while relieving stress for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

    FOUNDATION YOGA: This class is great for new participants! Learn all the fundamentals in a less intense yoga class. This is also a great class for stretching your ailments away! Come to Foundation Yoga to feel better one day at a time!

    STRENGTH YOGA: Interested in mixing up your yoga practice? Yoga for strength and balance offers an alternative to the typical “flow yoga” class by adding the extra challenge of weights. Test the boundaries of your balance all while building body awareness and strengthening muscles.