2019 Community Service Day (Watch for Event information).

In 2018 the Laramie Garden Club awarded the City Parks Division a grant to purchase bare-root trees, which were held in a newly constructed Gravel Bed during the summer to allow the trees to develop a fibrous root system. On September 8, 2018, 31 bare-root trees were planted at several entryway locations into Laramie, replacing trees that had died.

Over the previous sixteen years the Laramie Beautification Committee has assisted with cleanup and beautification projects in and around Laramie including; recently, trees on the north side of State Highway 130 toward the Laramie Regional Airport. 

The Laramie Beautification Committee encourages families, individuals, neighbors and friends to come out and work together for a morning on future Community Service Days to improve and beautify our community. For more information, please contact the Parks & Recreation Director (email) at 721-5260.

2019 Community Service Day Partners to be determined.

  1. Wed, May 31

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