2015 Ordinances

2015 Ordinances

2015 Enrolled Ordinances (EO):

EO.1677: Rezone13,925 Sq Ft. N Johnson & Snowy Range: Resd'l overlay Business

EO.1678: Rezone 6 acres onBoswell Drive between 9th & Bill Nye to B2 with ROB

EO.1679: Amend to Allow C2 Property for eligible for Residential Overlay Bus (ROB)

EO.1680: Establih ROB for 1st St. 800 block area

EO.1681: Estalishing Ch.9.32 in LMC "Illegal Discrimination."

EO.1682: Amend 5.09.800 LMC "Point System for Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. . "

EO.1683: Rezone 1.4 Acres, 1551 HarrisonSt. from B2 to C2

EO.1684: Allow DC Properties for Eligibility for ROB (Res. Overlay for Bus. Dist)

EO.1685: Rezone Land at 621 2nd St from DC to DC with ROB

EO.1686: Impose a Court Automation Fee

EO.1687: Regulate Wastewater Pretreatment & Disposal ~ Clean Water Act

EO.1688: Rezoning 334 Pierce Street to B2

EO.1689: Amending Title 15, Comp Plan Amending Review Cycle

EO.1690: Amending Title 15, Amending the Use Table

EO.1691: Zoning Change Banner Road

EO.1692: Vacating 136.46 Feet of Alley Right-of-Way University Heights First Add

EO.1693: Amend Franchise Agreement for Source Gas