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Regular meetings occur at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Work session meetings start at 6 p.m. and are routinely scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. 

Note: Special meetings are held at the discretion of the City Council and may occur at different times or dates following notification to the general public via the newspaper, the city website, and postings located within City Hall.

City Council Meetings are open to the public in accordance with W.S. 16-4-403. Meetings are currently available in-person on a first come first service basis, YouTube Live Feed (, Cable Channel 191, or Zoom Webinar- via internet, app, or telephone 1(669)900-9128. Public comments during the meeting may be provided in-person or via Zoom meeting. Public comments may also be submitted via email: Please email: to request speaking time during the 30-minute public comment periods on non-agenda items by no later than 3:00 pm on the day of the meeting. Speaking slots may be assigned by lottery for non-agenda items when more than 10 requests are received. Requests for accommodations from persons with disabilities must be made to the City Manager's Office 24 hours in advance of a meeting. Pre-council meetings are held prior to Regular Council Meetings at 6:15 pm for the purpose of discussing items on the Council’s consent agenda for the Regular Meeting and the scheduling of items on Council’s agenda. 
 Please be advised no additional agenda item will be introduced at a Regular City Council meeting after the hour of 9:30 pm, unless the majority of the City Council members present vote to extend the meeting. 
 Public comment is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. Written public comment shall be submitted to the City Clerk for dissemination and retention for official City records, or submitted to the City Council through electronic correspondence at Full text available in Council Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct 4.02 and Appendix B and C. 
 Written materials and other items must be submitted six (6) days in advance of the meeting (sooner if there are holidays prior to the meeting) in order that copies may be included with the agenda and to give the council an opportunity to review the material in advance of the appearance.   

Resolution 2023-59: Setting the date, time and location of regular meetings.  
Resolution 2022-71: Allow web conferencing and suspending Rule 1, Chapter 2, Section 10

Lottery public comment if more than 10 requests are received will be performed at 3:00 pm the Tuesday the meeting is to be held. Please contact the City Clerk's Office to be added to the list at 307-721-5220 or 

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Responsibilities, Limitations & Organization

The Laramie City Council is comprised of nine members, which include the mayor and vice mayor. The council as a whole is a policy making board and as such it is not the duty of the council to administer the day-to-day operations of the City. Many items will come before the City Council as required under Laramie City Ordinance, but many issues are more discretionary in nature. All City Council members, including those serving as mayor and vice mayor, have equal votes. no council member has more power than any other council member.

Browse through the City Council’s agendas, minutes, and audio recordings for more information about current issues and former decisions.

Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct Effective November 7, 2023

Contacting City Council

Contacting City Council members can be done via email or phone. Individual information can be found using our staff directory or Council members page

Public Comment

Visit our public comment page for more detailed information. Please send all written comments anytime to, drop it off at the City Clerk's Office, or visit our. Written materials and requests for presentations must be submitted to the City Clerk's Office in advance of the meeting, see the public comment page for more details. 

Council Goals and Objectives 2023 

New Ward Map 

Effective upon passage and publication April 2022

Cable TV

Regular City Council meetings air on cable channel 191; which also shows public announcements.

Regular council meetings will also be live streamed on YouTube.

 Agenda: (Agendas are published Fridays)

Council Zoom Meetings 11-28-23

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