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A better skating experience awaits you with sharp skates. Our trained staff sharpens hockey, goalie, and figure skates overnight. We utilize the industries best skate sharpening equipment, Blademaster, to ensure your skates are perfect every time! Skates can be dropped off for overnight sharpening and picked up the next day!



Overnight Skate Sharpening ............  $7.00

On-The-Spot Sharpening ...................  $8.00

Rivet Replacements .................... $1.00/Rivet

Questions and Answers:

When Should You Get Your Blades Sharpened?

There is no perfect answer to this question. Generally, 6-10 hours of use is enough to need a good sharpen. If you feel unstable on your blades, it may be time to get them cut. If you start to notice burs or dullness on your blades, this is also another indicator. Feel free to ask any of our trained staff about your blades, you never know what you might learn!

What "Hollow" Should I Get?

The "hollow" is the radius of the cut on your blade. The correct hollow depends on the type of skater you are. Deeper hollows, like 7/16, give much more bite at the cost of speed. Lesser hollows, in the area of 3/4, give more speed but less bite. The choice is yours, feel free to ask our suggestions on what cut might work best for you. Below is a chart of common hollows!

Conventional Hollow Size Options

How Do I Get the Most Out of Each Sharpen?

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of a sharpen is to take care of your blades. Use a knife sharpening stone to hone the edges before you get on the ice. When you get off, be sure to dry your blades to prevent the build up of rust. If you time your sharpens correctly, you will get the longest life out of your blades. Each time you get a sharpen a small amount of blade is lost. So don't over do it!

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We also have available for purchase sock tape, stick tape, mouth guards, hockey wax, skate guards, laces, anti-fog wipes, and helmet repair kits.

Did we answer your question?

If not, please send us an email at I&Einfo@cityoflaramie.org. We live to help you get the most out of your ice experiences! If your question is new, we will answer it and post it here! Ask away!