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Continuing Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols are still in place at the Laramie Recreation Center.  Herd immunity, the point at which transmission becomes significantly reduced, is estimated to be reached when a population is between 50-80% vaccinated.

We will consider lifting protocols when Albany County has reached a full vaccination rate of 50%  If you would like to monitor current vaccination rates, please see the Department of Health website at the QR Code below.

Vaccination Website

Have Vaccine Questions?

We have compiled some information from the CDC and reviewed the information with the Albany County Public Health Department for accuracy.  Click HERE for information.

current Rec Center Covid-19 Update

Steam Room & Sauna Reopen!

Both of these facilities are reopening on Monday April 12.  Reservations are available for 15 minute time slots for one person or two members of the same household.  No back to back reservations allowed due to health guidelines.  Call 721-5259, Option 7 for available times and to make a reservation!

General Facility Guidelines 

In order to accomplish appropriate social distancing measures and limit risk to both staff and patrons alike we are following detailed plans. Here is what you should expect.

  • Open Hours—We will be open from 5am-8pm M-F and 8am-5pm on Saturday.  We will be closed on Sundays.  Pools open a half hour later and close at 7:30pm weekdays and 5pm Saturdays.  
  • Face Coverings in the Facility--All facility users will be required to wear face coverings over your mouth AND nose unless you are swimming or at your work out station during the hours of 5-7am or 4-8pm.  Please be advised that this can affect your oxygen level and you may not be able to work out as vigorously as your body adapts.  Information about working out while wearing a mask is available on the internet and we encourage you to discuss this with your physician if it causes you concern.  You’ll find some information here that may be useful.
  • Temperature Check—We will have a person stationed at the front door to do a quick, no-touch temperature check when you arrive.  If you have a fever above the CDC recommendation of 100.4 degrees you will not be permitted entrance.
  • Facility Reservation—In order to meet social distancing standards facility reservations are required either upon your drop in visit or a day in advance for member convenience.  Please see the listing above for equipment and capacities in the facility.
  • Locker Rooms are AVAILABLE!
  • Children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult—We still welcome families and your children, but with additional supervision.  Thank you for your understanding.

As restrictions relax we will modify our restrictions, so please anticipate changing requirements.  Thank you for your understanding as we work through these changing circumstances.


Please click HERE for a downloadable copy of the areas that will be in use.  You can also view the building capacities and available amenities HERE.

Facility and Equipment Sanitation

In order to provide the safest environment equipment will be sanitized between use and available to check out.  Please be advised that we will be offering basketball hoops on the East Court for general use, any basketball "games" should be non-contact and use social distancing to the greatest extent possible.  Please check the gym schedule for availability.

Fitness Classes 

A selection of fitness classes are available virtually and in-person to members and for purchase with a fitness pass.  Please check out the schedule with a link to log in or register for virtual classes at  A membership gains you access to all drop-in classes at no additional charge.  Non-members will be able to participate at the drop in rate of $8/class.  Some select classes are also available for registration.  Please call us at 721-5269 Option 7 or sign up on-line at

The Laramie Recreation Team