My neighbor's dog barks! What can I do?

Barking dog complaints are handled by both Animal Control officers and Laramie Police Department officers.  Animals are not allowed to “habitually, constantly or frequently disturb the sleep, rest, tranquility or peace of any neighborhood or person”.  On the first complaint, the dog owner will be notified of the concern either by phone, in person or by Animal Control door hanger.  A barking log can be issued to the complainant.  If the initial contact from the officer is not effective in resolving the problem, then the log should be completed and returned.  This log is a useful tool that the complainant will be asked to complete for at least a 48-hour period.  Once returned, the log will be evaluated to determine if the animal is behaving normally and acceptably or if the behavior is a nuisance (as defined by the ordinance wording above).  If a nuisance, the pet owner can be cited.