Summer Camps


Join us for a 9-week day camp series for grades 1-6, emphasizing hands-on nature-based activities, forming new friendships, and supervised summer fun!  

Early Registration: Thursday, April 11, 6-8pm, Laramie Recreation Center, 920 Boulder Drive. Complete and print a FILLABLE REGISTRATION FORM to bring with you to registration or you can pick one up on Registration Night.

General Information

Beginning on Monday, June 10, and running through Friday, August 9, the age range for this program is 6 years (or entering 1st grade) through 12 years (or entering 6th grade). All camps meet at the Recreation Center, 920 Boulder Drive, with a maximum of 75 children accepted each week, and a staff/child ratio of 1:10. Each week is theme-based, and includes a trip to the movie theatre on Mondays, swimming (outdoors when weather permits) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, field trips on Wednesdays, and roller skating and inflatable structures on Fridays. Fees include all activities, field trips, and a morning and afternoon snack. Send your child with a sack lunch, water bottle, light jacket, sun screen, chapstick, and a hat to protect them from the sun. On swim days, don’t forget a swim suit, towel, and goggles; and on skate day, be sure to send long socks!     

Registrations are taken on a first come-first serve basis. To register, parents/guardians complete a Summer Camp enrollment form, and return it to the Recreation Center. Payment for each program week secures a space for that week. For each week, you will have three registration options: mornings (8am-12:30pm), afternoons (12:30-5p), or full-days (8am-5pm). Based on a sliding fee scale, mornings are $40, $55, or $70/wk. Afternoons are $40, $55, or $70/wk. Full-days are $75, $100, or $125/wk. Summer Camp will not be in session on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5; the fee for this week has been pro-rated to reflect a 3-day week. You may register for every week, or choose individual weeks, but registrations are for full weeks; there is not an option to register for individual days. To be considered for the sliding fee scale, provide proof of income and a statement of household size at the time you submit the enrollment form. You will be billed the full fee until this information is provided.  

Weekly Sessions

Eco Artists-- June 10-14 

Using all of our senses, we will nourish our heart, mind, and soul as we blend arts instruction and environmental education, creating beautiful pieces of art inspired by and constructed out of nature. Includes visiting artists throughout the week, and a field trip to the UW Art Museum. 

Ocean Commotion-- June 12-21 

Dive in and discover the wonders of the ocean and the secrets of the animals and algae that live there. From deep sea to the shore, we’ll explore the largest bodies of water on earth. Includes a field trip to the Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary in the Centennial Valley.  

It's a Bug's Life-- June 24-28

We’re going bug-gy, so grab your net, put on your muck boots, and don your goggles! Prepare to get your hands dirty, as we hunt for insects and search out amphibians, in our “backyard,” and around our town. Includes a trip to Veedauwoo Recreation Area, east of Laramie.  

Let's Wing It--July 1-3

How can a falcon fly so fast? Could a hawk see an ant from the top of a 10-story building? All birds have wings, but can they all fly? On this winged adventure, we will learn all about birds, and what they might be telling us about the natural world. Includes a field trip to the Berry Biodiversity Center, at the University of Wyoming. 

Nature's Engineers-- July 8-12

Ever wonder how strong a spider’s web can be? Or how birds construct such perfect nests? Discover amazing inventions inspired by common animals determined to remake their world by producing towering structures, intricate tunnels, and mighty dams. Includes a field trip to the Museum of Discovery, in north Ft. Collins.    

Buzz & Flutter-- July 15-19

Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, you can transform into a pollinator during this week of nature camp. From moths and butterflies to bees and wasps, learn about the science - and the dance - involved with pollination. Includes a field trip to the Children’s Village & Botanic Gardens, in Cheyenne.  

Habitats are Hip--July 22-26 

How would you become invisible in your own backyard? Come think like an animal and discover the critters hiding in plain sight! Find out which species are on the prowl, which are clever in the way they escape, and how all living things around us are connected. Includes a field trip to Curt Gowdy State Park, on Happy Jack Road, east of Laramie.  

Rock & Roll Lifestyle--July 29-Aug 2

Discover the forces of nature as we delve into the science of volcanoes and rocks. Our mountains, riverbeds, and canyons are made up of rocks and minerals that are ever-changing through weather, heat and volcanic eruptions. Come explore for yourself! Includes a field trip to the Terry Bison Ranch, just south of Cheyenne.  

FARMtastic!-- Aug 5-9

Spark your curiosity of learning where food comes from and develop a personal connection with agriculture. We will learn about the welfare of our land and animals, grow an herb garden, cook with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and so much more. Includes a field trip to Black Market Farms in the Centennial Valley.