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The Laramie Community is 45 miles from Wyoming's state capital and 130 miles from Denver, Colorado. Not only is there access to hundreds of nearby outdoor recreation opportunities the city is only a short drive away. In the summer, local cars are packed with camping gear and canoes; in the fall, "Laramigos" tote hunting supplies and attend the University of Wyoming football games; and in the winter, skis, snowmobiles and snowshoes reign. As Wyoming’s cycling capital, bikes fill the streets year-round despite seemingly prohibitive weather. Laramie is also home to many professional artists and art students, seven visual arts organizations, three theatre companies, and two visual arts agencies—all engaging the economy.  This makes Laramie the culture capital of Wyoming, as well! The nickname “Laradise,” established in the 1980’s, says it all.  Laramie was founded with the expansion of the transcontinental railroad but, as home to three institutions of higher education (the University of Wyoming, Albany County Campus of the Laramie County Community College, and WyoTech), there is always something to do. 


Looking for a great career?

The City of Laramie provides growth, teamwork, and serves the Laramie Community. We provide multiple benefits from health insurance, flexible schedule, paid vacation and sick time and so much more. To see all our benefits click here


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