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Oct 05

Motor Vehicle Concerns

Posted on October 5, 2022 at 4:23 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  Is motor vehicle use of the pedestrian path between north 15th and 30th legal? Is acsd operating an ohv park on their property at north 15th? Do any of the motor vehicle crossings of the pedestrian path meet mutcd? All rhetorical. Will the city please start patrolling, enforcing and citing to keep kids on pedestrian only path safe?

A.  It is our understanding that there are currently contractor vehicles parked along the pedestrian path to install water lines. However, this property belongs to the University of Wyoming and they would be your best point of contact to relay any concerns. Since this is a university issue, the City will not be responding on their behalf. In regard to the school property on North 15th, the school district has voiced concerns to the City in the past regarding this very same issue and the police department responded by more actively patrolling the area. If you see subjects trespassing on the property, please call our dispatch center at 721-2526 and an officer will be dispatched to the area.