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City Ordinances
2012 Enrolled Ordinances (EO):

1613: Amending Zoning for 15 Acres, North of Westfield Village to B2 Business Dist

1614: Annexing Area Located West of Overland Road

1615: Amending Zoning of Area Located West of Overland Rd to Residential

1616: Annexing Area Between Vista Dr. & Future 30th, in the Turner Tract

1617: Amending Zoning Area Between Vista Dr. & Future 30th, in the Turner Tract

1618: Amending Section 5.09.340, Bar & Grill Licenses

1619: Amending Ch 2.04 to Conform with the Change in (Council) Ward System

1620: Amending Stn 2.04.014, Handling of Council Vacancy

1621: Ameding Zoning for 4.84 Acres to Multi-Familt District, westfield Village

1622: Amedning Title 15 LMC, New Sign Code

1623: Ameding Section 13.44.010, Water Rates

1624: Amending Section 13.48.018, Wastewater Rates

1625: Amending Title15 LMC, Unified Development Code

1626: Adopting the 2012 International Fire Code, with Specified Exceptions

1627: Vacating a "Underground Surface Water Easement" N end of 13th St.

1628: Issuance of Water Refunding Revenue Bonds for Refinancing

1629: Redesignating a portion of Mitchell St as Plains Street

1630: Redsignating a portion of Hilltop St. as Crestridge St.

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