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2011 Resolutions
2011 Resolution

# Resolutions for 2011
Appointing Mayor & President of the Council for 2011-12
Appointing Vice-Mayor & Vice-President of the Council for 2011-12
Designating an Official Legal Newspaper for 2011-12
Council Members as Liaison or Voting Member to Boards & Commissions
Support Formation of Jt. Transit Authority, Pledge Collaboration & Resources
Appointing Allen Gardzelewski as Special Prosecutor
Appointing Members to Advisory Commission on Disabilities
App. Fed Mineral Royalty Cap. Const'n Grnt: Downtown Electrical Upgrade Pjt
App. Fed Mineral Royalty Cap. Const'n Grnt for Grand Ave Water line Pjt
Designating Recreation Project Request Priority to Albany Co Rec Bd for 2012
2011 Urban & Community Forestry Tree Planting Grant
Calling Congress to allocate 40% of Land & Water Grant Funds to State Assist.
Vacancy/Appointing Members to Planning Commission
Appointing Member to Official Traffic Commission
Appointing Member to Environmental Advisory Commission
Vacancy/Appointing Members to Board of Health
Appointing Member to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
Appointing David Hopkinson as Student Intern to Prosecute Criminal Matters
Approving Settlement of Lawsuit, Authorizing Declaratory Action
Comm. Block Dev. Grant Expansion of Hospice NTE $15,000
Addt'l Recreation Project Request, (see #10)
App WBC for Laramie Plains Civic Center, Replacement of Exterior Windows
Fed Mineral Royalty Grnt, SLIB, Replacing Fire Engine #7
Appointing Member to Planning Commission
App WY Dept of Ag, Insect Management
Create Ad Hoc Committee for Parks, Trails,& Recreation Master Plan
Appt Member to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
Appt 2 Members to the Civil Service Commission
Appt 3 Members to the Downtown Development Board
Allocation to the Lincoln Community Center Rehabilitation Project
Terminating City Involvement in Albany Co. Economic Development Jt Pwr Bd.
Establishing City Goals for 2011-12, Appt Council Members
Master Fee Schedule ofr City Parks & Recreation Facilities & Programs
Appt 1 Member to Laramie Regional Airport Board.
Depositories for Depositing of Public Funds for City of Laramie
Community Arbor Day & Tree Sale
Support for WYDOT, Reconstruction of Grand from 15 -21 St.
Replacement of Trees in Grand Ave WYDOT Reconstruction
Purchase of Improvements Leased from Albany Co. Improvements State Trust
Fee Schedule for School Age Child Care (SACC) for 2011-12 School Year
Revised 2011 Bark Beetle Mitigation Plan for the City of Laramie
Outside Agencies Funding of $380,000 to 27 Agencies.
Award & distribution of municipal Surplus Properties
Grant for Law Enforcement Officers
Host Wyoming Senior Olympics for 2013 & 2014
New disc. membership for Non-Profits for Laramie Recreation Center
Create Ad Hoc Committee: complete Parks, Trails & Recreation Master Plan
Grand Avenue Corridor Pilot Bus Route
FY 2011-2012 Budget
2011 TEAL Grant for West Gateway Beautification Project
Amending Appointment of Councilmen to Boards & Commissions
Amending Future Land Use Map & Urban Growth Area Map
Jt. app.: Office of State Lands & Investments ~ County wide Consensus Funds
Appointing Members to Planning Commission
Appl: Dept of Treasury for the State Small Business Credit Initiative Program
WY Water Dev.Comm. Level III app: Grand Avenue Water Line Phase I Pjt
WY Water Dev Comm. Lv III app:Raw Water Transmission
Mineral Royalty Grant App: Replace fire Engine 7 for $500,000.00
FEMA App: Fire Fighter Personnel Protective Equipment$100,000.00
Acknowledge Funding Fire Fighter Positions through General Funds
Joint Res & app: State Lands & Investments for County wide Consensus Funds
Procedure for Applicants for Additional Authorized Retail Liquor Licenses
Future Land Use & Urban Growth Area Maps Amendment to the Comp. Plan
Submit a Fed Mineral Royalty Grant for Construction of Landfill Baler BLDG
Wave Daily Fee @Ice & Event Center Oct 1, Rec Center Oct 8
Revise Master Fee Schedule for City Parks & Rec Facilities & Programs
Authorize Chief Johnson to Obtain Fed. Financial Asst: Disaster/Emerg. Asst
67 Appointing members to the Albany County Tourism Board
68 Appointing members to the Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board
69 Appoint CC Member to Albany Co. Transportation Authority Board of Directors
70 South Laramie Water Line Project
71 SLIB loan ~ State Revolving Fund for Grand Avenue Water line Replacement
72 Certifying Planning Commission Res. #2011-03, ratifying prior amendments - 2007 Laramie Comprehensive Plan
73 Proclamation & Certification of Municipal Special Election
74 Pre-App to SLIB for loan for the South Laramie Sanitary Sewer Extension Pjt
75 Planning Com. Res. #2010-04, amend Future Land Use Map 3.2& Urban Growth Area Map 7.2, 2007 Comp Plan
76 Appointing members to the City of Laramie Building & Fire Code Board of Appeals
 77  Expenditure from Contingency Reserve Funds for a One-Time Employee Stipend
 78  Aknowledge Emergency Mngt Performance Grant Award, State Homeland Sec.
 79  Trans Unexpended Bal. from 1 Fund to Another, Amend FY 2010-2011 Budget
 80  Trans Unexpended Bal. from 1 Fund to Another, Amend FY 2011-2012 Budget
 81  App WY Dept of State Parks & Cultural Resources, PhII Undine Splash Pad
82 App to Albany Co. Tourism Bd, Grant for Laramie youth Basketball Tournament
83 Appointing Members to the Parks, tree and Recreation Advisory Board
84 Appointing Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
 85  Appointing Member to the Board of Health
 86  Appointing Members to Environmental Advisory Committee
 87  Appointing Members to the Traffic Commission
88 Appointing Members to the Planning Commission

City Hall: 406 Ivinson Ave.   |   Laramie, WY 82070   |   Ph: (307) 721-5200   |   Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm