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Master Plan Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Originally, a thirty day public comment period was opened for the Draft Master Plan, March 5 - April 3, 2015. The Ad Hoc Committee met on April 8, 2015 to consider the results of the public comment period. After making amendments, the Ad Hoc Committee recommended that the Master Plan move forward in the approval and adoption process.  

Following multiple meetings in the approval and adoption process, governing bodies recommended that additional changes be made and the plan was remanded back to the Master Plan Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for consideration of those changes.  On September 30, 2015 the Master Plan Ad Hoc Advisory Committee considered the changes as recommended and ultimately approved a revised master plan based upon those recommendations changes and recommended the plan start the approval and adoption process over again.    

A new thirty day public comment period is now open for the Draft Master Plan, starting January 15, 2016.  A timeline of the approval process will be posted here once it has been finalized.

For more information click here.

The revised draft is listed Below:

Please note that The specific locations of any RECOMMENDED Parks, Trails and Facilities within this document are HYPOTHETICAL in nature and they are not intended for public use. Locations may change as development occurs. Any recommended amenities do not currently exist and are NOT ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC. 

Chapters 1-4
Chapter 5
Chapter 5b
Chapter 6

The Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan Ad Hoc Advisory Committee was created by City Council Resolution 2011-25. The Committee is tasked with developing a long-range Parks, Trails, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the City and all city owned property. 

The nine member citizen Master Plan Committee is comprised of representatives from the following stakeholder groups:
-Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board
-Ad Hoc Ranch Advisory Committee
-Laramie Planning Commission
-Laramie Bicycling Network
-Four at large citizen/community members

The Committee continues to work on the development of a Comprehensive Parks, Trails, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the Laramie community.

Committee's Meeting Schedule
There is no meeting scheduled at this time.
(See link below for more information)

Meetings would typically occur on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. All meetings are held at the Recreation Center, 920 Boulder Drive, in the large conference room and are open to the public. The Recreation Center is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available. Requests for special accommodations or interpretive services must be made 24 hours prior to this meeting. Please contact 721-3572, for further information.  

Proposed Parks and Trails
Public meetings were conducted to inform citizens of the Committee's work on developing a Master Plan and to solicit feedback. Click here to view the power point of the presentation given at these public meetings. The presentation provides a brief overview of the Committee's work so far. Maps showing the proposed parks and recreation facilities were also presented at the public meetings, and citizens provided comments on the proposals and noted any other facilities or features they would like to see incorporated in the Master Plan. Please note the maps show conceptual, future park and trail lands which are denoted as such on the legend. These conceptual areas are draft locations only and are part of a long range plan for parks and recreation services in our community; as such these conceptual areas and amenities are largely on private property and are therefore clearly not available to the public. Again, there is no public access allowed at any  conceptual sites listed at the maps, doing so is trespassing on private property and violators can be subject to prosecution.
Please note the maps below are previous drafts, to view the current status of all maps please refer to the draft Parks & Recreation Master Plan which is linked above. 
If you have any questions or would like to offer comments on the proposed maps, please contact us at .

        -Proposed Parks & Recreation Map - East of Town
        -Proposed Large Parks & Recreation Map - updated 5/24/13
        -Proposed Parks & Recreation Map - zoomed in on center of town - updated 5/24/13
        -Proposed Monolith Ranch Map - updated 5/24/13

Contact Us
Do you have questions about the Master Plan process? Or would you like to contribute comments or suggestions? Email the Committee at . We look forward to hearing from you.

Stakeholder Meetings
As part of the Master Plan process the Committee invited community groups and organizations that may have an interest in the future of parks, trails, recreation or open space to provide individual comments and ideas for further consideration. Stakeholder meetings were organized the week of April 16th to gather input from involved community groups. If you were not been contacted and would like to participate please contact 721-3572 for more information. Please click here for a digital copy of the stakeholder questions. We welcome submission of the questions at any time.

Survey of Community Residents
The Ad Hoc Committee enlisted the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center to conduct a survey covering the topics of parks, trails, recreation and open space areas. This survey was scientifically conducted with the survey sample including Laramie residents living up to one mile past the City limits. Respondents were asked a variety of questions on Parks and Recreation usage and on what amenities they would like to see in the future. To view the results report please click here.

Electronic Meeting Packets
Listed by meeting date, please click on the link for a PDF of the agenda and supporting documents. If you would like to request minutes or agendas from a meeting date not listed please email your request to

-September 30, 2015
-Supporting Documents 9.30.15
-Minutes 9.30.15
-April 8, 2015
-Additional Comments Distributed at Meeting 4.8.15
-January 19, 2015
-January 7, 2015
-December 10, 2014
-December 3, 2014
-November 19, 2014
-November 5, 2014
-October 22, 2014
-additional comments received and distributed at meeting
-October 8, 2014
-October 1, 2014
-additional comments received & distributed at meeting
Major Street Plan -September 10, 2014
-September 3, 2014
-August 27, 2014
-August 13, 2014
-July 9, 2014
-May 28, 2014
-April 16, 2014
    Supporting Documents 4.16.14
    Supporting Documents 4.16.14
-February 26, 2014
-January 15, 2014
-November 20, 2013
-October 30, 2013
-September 25, 2013
-September 4, 2013
-June 26, 2013
-June 12, 2013
-May 22, 2013
-May 8, 2013
-April 24, 2013
-April 10, 2013
-March 27, 2013
-March 13, 2013
-February 13, 2013
-February 6, 2013
-January 30, 2013
-January 23, 2013
-January 16, 2013
-January 9, 2013
-December 19, 2012
-December 12, 2012
-December 5, 2012
-November 28, 2012
-November 17, 2012
-November 14, 2012
-November 7, 2012
-October 31, 2012
-October 24, 2012
-October 10, 2012
-October 3, 2012
-September 26, 2012
-September 12, 2015
-August 22, 2012
-August 8, 2012
-July 25, 2012
-July 11, 2012
    -July 11, 2012 Maps
-June 27, 2012
-June 13, 2012
-May 23, 2012
-May 9, 2012
    -May 9, 2012 MAPS
-April 11, 2012
-March 28, 2012
-March 14, 2012
-February 25, 2012
-February 22, 2012
-February 8, 2012
    -February 8, 2012 MAPS
-January 25, 2012
-January 11, 2012

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