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2012 Resolutions
  # Resolutions for 2012
  1   Homeland Security Grant, WY Regional Emergency Response Team #3
  2 Environmental Advisory Committee Member Appointment
  3    Planning Committee Member Appointment
  4 Vacation of Lewis Street Between 9th & 14th Sts
  5    Gateway Park Boulder Dr Median Beautification Project Grant
  6    Recreation Project Request Priorities for Albany Co Rec Brd FY2012
  7 Authorize City Clerk to Accept Apps for 2 Available Retail Liquor Licenses
  8 Emerg. Acquistion of Pipe & Assoc. Vaulves & Connectors 
  9 Support for Preservation of the Casper Aquifer Recharge Area
 10 Add'l Recreation Prjct Request Priorities for Albany Co Rec Brd FY2012
 11 Grant App for Funding Construction: West Laramie Sts & Drainage Impr.
 12 Grant App for Funding Construction of Laramie Landfill Baler Bldg.
 13 Business Ready Com. Loan App, Completion of Downtown Lighting
 14 Amended & Revised City Goals for 2012
 15 Harney Street Overpass
 16 BRC Grant for Infrastructure: Data Center
 17 Comm. Dev. Blk Grt. App: Infrastructure - Cleveland St & HWY 130/203
 18 Mosquito Control, Grant App to WY Dept of Agriculture
 19 Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board, Members
 20 Downtown Development Authority, Members
 21 Curbside Recycling Incentives
 22 Animal Adoption Fees at Animal Shelter
 23 50% Reduction of Recreation Center Fees for election
 24 Depositories for Public Funds
 25 Declaration of Surplus Property
 26 West Nile Prevention Plan
 27 Failed
 28 Dog Friendly Areas in Specified Parks
 29 Planning Commission Mbr appted ~ Parks, Trails & Rec Mstr Plan Ad Hoc
 30 Laramie Arbor Day set as June 2, 2012
 31 Allow a Gateway Sign Created by Beitel Elementary 1st Graders
 32 County Wide Consensus Block Grant Application, along with R36
 33 36" Water Transmission Pipeline
 34 Appointing Goetz as Special Prosecutor on City of Laramie Employee
 35 Appointing Special Prosecutors for Asst City Atty's Maternity Leave
 36 County Wide Consesnsue Block Grant Application, along with R32
 37 Lincoln Community Center Rehabilitation Prjct
 38 Depositories for Public Funds
 39 Grant App. for Speed Skating Equipment
 40 South of Laramie Water District Project agmt with WWDC
 41 Provide Potable Water Ser. to S Laramie Waterline Project
 42 Uniterupted Power Source for LARC, Not Signed.
 43 Planning Committee Member Appointed
 44  Urban systems Advisory Committee Member Appointed
 45 Building & Fire Code Board of Appeals Members (2) Appointed
 46 S. Larmie Water & Sewer Line Project, Eminent Domain
 47 Assostamce to Firefighters Grant, Protective Equipment, Not Signed
 48    Fee Schedule: School Age Child Care (SACC) for School Year 2012/13
 49   Revised Master fee Schedule for Parks & Recreation Department
 50 BRCG to Purchase Property & Develop 1st Phase of Data Center Business Park
 51 Extra-Territorial Sewer Service, Millers
 52 Appoint Members: Albany Co. Crime Victim/Witness Program Joint Powers Boar
 53 Tranfer Unencumberd/Unexpended Appropriation Bal. from 1 fund to another 
 54 Tranfer Unencumberd/Unexpended Appropriation Bal. from 1 fund to another
 55 Allowing a 1/4 cent Economic Dev. Excise Tax placement on Nov 2012 Ballot
 56 Waive Daily Admission & skating Fees, LCIEC - Sep 29, LRC - Oct6, 202
 57 Amend Future Land Use & Development Maps, Postponed unitl May 7, 2013, Denied.
 58 Americans w Disabilities Act Transition Plan City Parks & Recreation Facilities
 59 Grant Brownfield Assesment, Spring Creek Basin
 60 Appoint Member to Laramie Regional Airport Board
 61 Amend Futrure Land Use Map, Technology Zoning, Passed  2/5/13
 62 1/2 Full Time Benefited Employee position, Aquatice Cooridnator
 63 December 24 & 31 as City Observed Holidays
 64 Appoint 3 Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
 65 Appoint a Member to Albany County Rourism Promotion Joint Powers Board
 66 Appoint 2 Members to the Cicil Services Commission
 67 Small Business Credit Initative Program
 68 Our Town Grant
 69 Tranfer Unencumberd/Unexpended Appropriation Bal. from 1 fund to another 
 70 Extend Mobile Home Park Rec Vehicle Park Licenses to July 2013
 71 Purchase Agreement for 2013 Dump Truck for WasteWater Division
 72 Tranfer Unencumberd/Unexpended Appropriation Bal. from 1 fund to another 
 73 Appoint Members to the Traffic Commission
 74 Appoint Members to the Parks, Tree & Recreation Advisory Board

Updated to February 22, 2013

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