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2017 Resolutions
# Resolutions for 2017
 1  Mayor's Appointment
 2 Vice-Mayor's Appointment
 3 Appointing Members to Boards and Commissions 
 4 Designating Official Legal Newspaper
 5 SLIB Pre-Application Public Works Service Center Water Fund 
 6 SLIB Pre-Application Public Works Service Center Wastewater Fund
 7 SLIB Pre-Application Public Works Service Center North Side Tank Project
 8 Appointing Magistrate for Municipal Court 
 9 Appointing One Member to Civil Service Commission
 10 Designating Recreation Project Priorities Fiscal Year 2018
 11 Transfer Unencumbered or Unexpended Funds for Fiscal Year 2016-2018
 12 Submission of Grant Application for Turner Tract Detention Pond
 13 Appointing Three Members to Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board
 14 Appointing One Member to Laramie Regional Airport Board 
 15 Appointing Three Members to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
 16 Lease with option to purchase Equipment from Wyoming Bank & Trust
 17 Appointing Two Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
 18 Appointing One Member to Community Juvenile Services Board
 20 Amend Procedure and Code of Conduct of City Council
 21 Appoint One Council Member to Enhancement Committee Harney Street/UPRR Overpass 
 22 Appoint Two Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities 
 23 Council Goals for 2017-2018
 24 Community Partner Funding 
 25 Certifying Planning Commission action regarding "3,2,1...3rd Street!"
 26 Essential Air Service 
 27 Application for 2017 Emergency Insect Management Program Grant 
 28 Application for WY Cultural Trust Fund Grant Phase I Sans Facon Art Project
 29 Certifying Planning Commission Action Denying Modications to 2008 CAPP
 30 Albany County and Rock River Repurposing 2014-16 Concensus Awards
 31 Issuance of Tax Exempt Lease Revenue Bonds 
 32 Monolith Ranch Members from five (5) to seven (7) 
 33 Amending Master Fee Schedule for Parks and Rec Department  
  Updated to May 22, 2017
Appointing Members to Boards and  Commissions
Appointing Members to Boards and  Commissions

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