Climate and Energy

Emissions goals

Carbon Net Neutrality Ordinance 

In 2020, the Laramie City Council passed resolution 2020-14, which contains goals for emissions reductions in Laramie. The ordinance established a goal of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The ordinance states that a “two-pronged” approach should be used to achieve this goal, combining municipal reductions in carbon production with broader community-based efforts.

View ordinance 2020-14 here

Emissions Inventories

2019 Laramie Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

2022 Inventory and emissions reduction timeline

emissions for the City of Laramie over time:

Emissions-bar graph

Emissions Reduction Planning

Students at the University of Wyoming drafted the Emissions Reduction Management outline in response to the goals for carbon neutrality set forth in resolution 2020-14. The outline includes research from cities comparable to Laramie in order to create a framework for emissions reductions.

Emissions Reduction Management Outline

Based on research from other cities and goals created by the City of Laramie in resolution 2020-14, the following outline for emissions reduction has been created.

Emissions Reduction Plan Outline

Emissions Reduction Plan Draft Coming Summer 2023

Environmental Advisory Committee

EAC Emissions Reduction Recommendations

Mountain Towns 2030

Mountain Towns Solutions Project

MT 2030 Website

The City of Laramie is participating in the Mountain Towns Solutions Project, which is a climate action framework designed to help mountain and outdoor communities collaborate to achieve carbon net neutrality.


Renewable Energy Projects

Solar Power

For more information on developing solar power in the Laramie community, visit the Solar Laramie site. 

Community Solar goals: Resolution 2021-62

Table of allowed use

Solar Edge

The City of Laramie uses Solar Edge to monitor the electricity output of local projects. Using Solar Edge, you can view the electricity output in real time, as well as the equivalent total emissions reduction.

Click on the links below to view the monitoring sites for local solar projects:

Laramie Recreation Center

Laramie Ice and Event Center

Fire Station 3 Solar Array

Laramie Fire Station 3 Solar Array and EV Car Charging Station Project

dji_fly_20221027_100232_633_1666886638554_photoIn 2022 the The City of Laramie was a proud recipient of a funding award from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program participants to support the Laramie Fire Station 3 25kW solar array and electric vehicle charging station in west Laramie.  The City of Laramie is committed to the reduction of carbon emissions from municipal operations through Resolution 2020-14. 

In August of 2022 the solar array and electric vehicle charging station was completed and put into service.  “We are thrilled that we were selected for this award and so grateful to Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky participants who made it possibBlueSky_RE_RMP_lockuple.” said Erin O’Doherty, Ward 2 City Council Member. “This 25kW solar array and EV car charging station project is not only a win for the environment but for the local community, too. By generating our own electricity, we’ll save on energy costs — and that means we can dedicate more of our budget to our capital projects and operations.”

To view the Fire Station 3 monitoring site click here.

Laramie Community Recreation and Ice & Event Center Solar Energy Projects

DJI_0918The City of Laramie was a proud recipient of a funding award from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program participants to support the installation of solar arrays to serve the Laramie Community Recreation and the Ice & Event Centers. Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program funds renewable energy projects in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. The solar installations at the Laramie Community Recreation and the Ice & Event Centers represent the City’s first major step toward carbon neutrality. These facilities were selected for the inaugural solar investment for their impact toward the municipal goal of net neutrality and for their ability to serve as an educational site for the thousands of annual guests visiting both facilities each year.

DJI_0005In May of 2021 the City of Laramie was proud to announce that the 25kW solar projects at the Laramie Community Recreation Center and Laramie Ice & Event Center had been completed with the installation of three public kiosks. These public kiosks were installed in the lobbies of the Recreation Center and the Ice & Event Center, as well as in the Laramie High School cafeteria.  The kiosk monitors provide daily and weekly real-time solar energy production, lifetime totals and comparisons to saved carbon emissions and trees planted.

To view the Recreation Center monitoring site click here.  To view the Ice & Event Center monitoring site click here.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky customers for making these projects possible.  


Sailor's Solar and Storage Project

Sailor's Solar Presentation