Mosquito & Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Updated 10/19/2021

Additional West Nile Virus detected in Mosquito Pools (click to learn more).

Mosquito Control

Mosquito operations have concluded for the 2021 season. Larval control operation will once again begin in April of 2020. 

Use the following link to learn how to protect yourself from mosquito bites

In 2021, mosquito control tested one hundred seventeen (117) mosquito pools for West Nile virus, with four (4) pools testing positive for West Nile Virus.

In 2020, fifty (53) mosquito pools and three (3) crows have been tested so far. All tests were negative for West Nile virus. In 2019, ninety-nine mosquito samples were tested for West Nile virus using the RAMP platform. Four (4) mosquito samples (out of 99)  tested positive for West Nile virus in 2019.

Schedules regarding Mosquito Control and Parks and Cemetery chemical applications for control of weeds and insect pests are available daily on the Mosquito Control and Integrated Pest Management Hotline at 721-5056. The schedule is available at approximately 4:00 PM daily. Spraying information is also available on the City’s website. For further information contact Tyler Shevling, Mosquito Control and IPM Crew Supervisor at 721-5258.

Integrated Pest Management

Hotline information regarding chemical applications on City owned properties will be updated daily at 4pm. Call 721-5056 or click on the Mosquito and Chemical Application hotline tab on the City of Laramie home page.

Additional Information

Learn about our No Spray Program for residents who do not want the City to perform chemical spray applications on their property.

Optional No-Spray Program

View detailed information about Laramie’s optional No Spray Program.

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