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The Laramie Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide range of outdoor parks and facilities that are open to the public. Operated and cared for by the City, parks include:

Park Rules

Pursuant to City Ordinance #12.52.050, the following rules and regulations for the Laramie Parks have been adopted and are enforced: * Dogs must be on a leash. * Remove feces at once. * No golfing. * No bikes on paths in parks. * No alcohol without permit. * No overnight sleeping/camping. * No damaging facilities. * No vending without license. * No damaging of vegetation. * No metal detectors or digging.

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For shelter reservations and/or questions about amenities, please call the Recreation Center Front Desk at (307) 721-5269. For safety or maintenance concerns, please contact Parks Manager Scott Hunter at (307) 721-5257.