How are other communities handling glass recycling?

Sheridan: glass is recycled. Costs are subsidized with additional general fund tax revenue. 

Casper: Distance to glass markets and the weight of glass make it expensive to recycle. While some bottlers purchase recycled glass, these manufacturers are outside of the state of Wyoming. The cost to ship the glass to market is more than the city would receive for payment. Casper discontinued accepting glass for reuse or a daily cover in the animal disposal area of the landfill. The volume of glass was ineffective at preventing scavenger animals from removing animals from the disposal area. 

Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Rawlins – no glass recycling currently offered. 

Fort Collins, CO - accepts glass at a drop-off location plus requires private haulers to offer recycling services. The glass collected at the drop-off location is taken to Rocky Mountain Bottling Co. Rates vary by private vendor, no municipal services are offered. 

Loveland, CO - accepts glass at 6 drop-off locations and then it is taken to Rocky Mountain Bottling Co. Costs are assessed to rate payers. Nationwide glass recycling is an issue because of the cost to transport and process the glass. The manufacturing companies have to spend more time and energy to sort glass that is contaminated with other garbage. In order to offset those costs, the manufacturing companies do not provide a high rebate for glass. Since the rebate for glass is so low, communities cannot offset the travel costs to transport their glass recycling. It is becoming more economically feasible nationwide for communities to dispose of their glass in the landfill.

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