Why is my bill different than my neighbor's bill?

There are many factors that can vary between billing accounts. 

  1. Water and sewer base fees are determined by the size of meter servicing the location; most single unit residences have either a 3/4" or 1" meter.
  2. The number of kitchen units at a residential location influences how solid waste charges are billed. You will be billed for one set of solid waste charges (collection, disposal, recycling) per kitchen unit. 
  3. Consumption patterns vary greatly from household to household. Water consumption for a single adult will be significantly different than water consumption for a family of five. For residential water accounts, sewer consumption (sewer residential) is based on actual water usage at that location during the winter quarter. See our Sewer Residential (SR) Fact Sheet for further information.

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2. Why is my bill different than my neighbor's bill?
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