How is Sewer Residential determined?

The Sewer Residential (SR) charge on your City of Laramie utility bill is based on the winter quarter's average water consumption. The winter quarter's average includes January, February, and March's meter readings (the winter quarter is used as the average for this fee calculation to ensure that summer watering is not a factor when determining sewer residential). The SR charge is fixed for a 1-year term beginning with September's billing. Once all the figures are determined the average is then multiplied by the current residential sewer fee (as an exception, any location that has a winter average of zero defaults to 3 units). 

Anyone wishing to dispute their updated Sewer Residential charge can do so by filling out a Sewer Residential Request for Re-Evaluation form, or by visiting the Utility Billing Office at 406 Ivinson Avenue. 

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1. How is Sewer Residential determined?
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