City Council Organization

City Council consists of nine members who serve overlapping four-year terms. They are elected from three wards, with three members from each ward. (View Laramie’s Ward Map). As members come up for reelection, the ward positions will be filled. The mayor and the vice-mayor are selected by the City Council every two years at the first council meeting in January.

To contact City Council, please email or call the City Clerk’s Office at: 307-721-5220.

City Council 2019-20

Council 2019-2020

Back: Brian Harrington, Charles McKinney, Joe Shumway, Jayne Pearce 

Front: Bryan Shuster, Pat Gabriel, Jessica Stalder, Erin O’Doherty

Not Pictured: Paul Weaver 

Current Members

Joe Shumway (Mayor)

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Ward 2 Representative
H: 307-742-9951
C: 307-760-6191

Pat Gabriel (Vice-Mayor)

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Ward 3 Representative

Jayne Pearce 

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Ward 2 Representative

Erin O’Doherty

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Ward 3 Representative

Brian Harrington

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Ward 1 Representative

Bryan Shuster

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Ward 3 Representative

Paul Weaver 

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Ward 2 Representative

Charles McKinney

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Ward 1 Representative

Jessica Stalder

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Ward 1 Representative